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Celebrating National Stress Awareness Day with Tips on How to Avoid Being Stressed

November 15, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

Sure, most of us are very aware of stress on a daily basis. The first Wednesday in November is designated as National Stress Awareness Day to allow for opportunities to open discussions and share information about stressors and triggers and how to minimize their impact. It is beneficial for everyone to learn more about stress as well as tips on how to deal with it.

Warnings Signs of Stress

At times, life is so hectic that we do not recognize the negative impact stress is having on our health.... Continue reading →

Depression Signs You Should Look Out For

October 16, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Depression Signs You Should Look Out For

At Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, we strive to provide treatment at our world-class treatment facilities to anyone in our community who is suffering from mental illness. With October being National Depression and Mental Screening Month, now is the perfect time to learn the various depression signs you should look out for.

Common Depression Signs

Please note that not everyone manifests depression in the same way, as each individual’s situation is unique. This said, there are common depression signs you should look out... Continue reading →

How to Identify Signs of Suicidal Thinking, Behavior & Warnings

September 25, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

Thoughts of suicide are terrifying to both the victim and those close to them. Learning how to identify suicide warnings is the first step in helping either yourself or someone you love to find a healthy way to deal with this complex challenge.

Some common signs of suicidal behavior are:

  • Talking about wanting to die.
  • Making a plan for killing oneself, such as performing online searches or purchasing a weapon.
  • Behaving in a way that seems irritable, anxious, or reckless.
  • Extreme mood swings.
  • Expressing rage and a desire for revenge.
  • Concern about... Continue reading →

10 Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Summer

September 2, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

As the seasons change, plants bloom, others wilt, and nature goes through a metamorphosis of sorts. We all experience these changes in nature, so it only makes sense that we too go through a change along with the seasons.

For some, this can lead to the “winter blues,” clinically known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, during the colder months.

For others, springtime means looming hot weather and humidity that is a battle to endure. The thought of longer days filled with more activity is nearly debilitating, and can send people into a depressive state. These people suffer from Summer Seasonal... Continue reading →

The Importance of Self-Esteem in Mental Health

July 30, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

The Importance of Self-Esteem in Mental Health

You must have heard about the importance of self-esteem. It’s discussed on talk shows, on the news, and in many books and movies. It might even start to sound like a meaningless buzzword after a while.

But self-esteem is a basic human need that affects motivation, accomplishment, physical health, and much more. Raising it can even improve your mental health!

So, let’s discuss self-esteem, mental health, and how to improve both.

Why Self-Esteem Is Important to Mental Health

Is self-esteem just feeling good about yourself? Is it narcissism or over... Continue reading →

How Much is Lack of Sleep Affecting Your Mental Health?

June 26, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Do you love to go to sleep or are you more of a night owl? Some people don’t seem to need as much sleep as others, but the truth is we all need it—no one can function without it.

Sleep is vitally important. It’s what allows us to physically go about our days, go to work, exercise, run errands, and more. We also need it to maintain good mental health. That’s right: lack of sleep affects our mental capacities just as much as our physical ones.

How Does Lack of Sleep Affect My Mental Health?

The cycles our bodies go through when sleeping have been studied by scientists. An... Continue reading →

Stop Negative Thinking and Start Healing

May 20, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Start Healing

“I think I’m starting to think that I’m more messed up than I thought. What do you think?” This is exactly the kind of thought process that can result from constant negative thinking. The only answer to that question is to stop negative thinking, and here are some tips to do just that.

Stop Negative Thinking

For many people, negative thinking is a defense mechanism. If they always expect the worst, then nothing can surprise or hurt them. The reality is that difficult life occurrences are still painful, and the cycle of negative thinking is a constant hurt. To help stop negative thinking, you can try to:

6 Ways Anxiety is Impacting Your Physical Health

April 22, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Your mental and physical well-being are inseparably connected, meaning that when you suffer mentally, you also suffer physically.

If you’re dealing with anxiety, you may notice your anxious thoughts bring on tension, headaches, and even more serious physical problems like panic attacks or heart problems. Anxiety could be affecting you physically and the following problems or issues could be direct results of anxiety:

1. Heart Disease

Anxiety has been linked to heart disease in numerous... Continue reading →

How a Health Morning Routine can Benefit Your Mental Health

March 28, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

Mental illnesses can quite frequently turn one’s life upside down. Tasks that were previously easy can now seem difficult to complete and many times, those suffering from mental illnesses can feel inept and fall into despair.

Fortunately, there is something that everyone can do to improve their mental health and that is establishing a healthy morning routine. A routine can help to reduce stress and allows you to better cope with change.

Here’s how a healthy morning routine can benefit your mental health:

Routine Mental Health Benefits

According to a... Continue reading →

Why Weight Loss Resolutions are Dangerous to Mental Health

March 22, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition for many of us, but the goals we set for ourselves are starting to shift overall. A survey conducted by Life Time, the healthy way of life organization, found that those surveyed are now prioritizing overall improved mental health as their New Year’s resolution rather than physical resolutions like weight loss goals.

While losing weight as a New Year’s resolution is a noble goal, it brings with it the potential for lowering your self-esteem... Continue reading →