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More than Just Addiction: Identifying and Treating Co-occurring Disorders

May 25, 2018 Posted in: Press Release

If you or a loved one have suffered through addiction, you probably understand the close relationship between substance use disorder and other mental health conditions.

This concept is known as "co-occurring disorders" or "dual-diagnoses."

Many people understand that psychiatric conditions and addiction go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, many substance abuse treatment programs treat the disorders as isolated conditions.

This is a huge mistake because the conditions are very interconnected. A comprehensive co-occurring disorders treatment is crucial for preventing relapse and improving a person's quality... Continue reading →

Men’s Mental Health: It’s Okay to Be Not Okay

April 23, 2018 Posted in: Announcement

Even in today’s more emotionally open society, men still find it difficult to seek psychological counseling when confronted with mounting emotional distress.

Instead, they are more likely to hide or ignore mental health issues until a crisis occurs that forces them to get help.

Of course, by the time that happens, there has often been collateral damage such as a failed marriage, substance abuse, loss of employment, or even suicide attempts.

Mental Health Stigma: Why Men Are Less Likely to Seek Help

... Continue reading →

PTSD in Teens: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Parents Need to Know

January 24, 2018 Posted in: Announcement

Teen Depression and PTSD

School violence happens time and time again.

In the aftermath of a deadly event like the recent school shooting in Italy, Texas, many people focus on the immediate victims.

And rightfully so: they are the ones most in need of immediate help and care.

However, many people tend to forget about the dozens if not hundreds of students left facing PTSD from school violence.

If left untreated, PTSD in teens can manifest into a variety of other symptoms – even years down the road. That's why it's important to take a proactive approach to PTSD help and mental health in general.

PTSD From a... Continue reading →

12 Signs You're Coping with a Mood Disorder

January 9, 2018 Posted in: Announcement

Mood Disorders

Mental health treatment has come a long way in the past few decades.

It's easier than ever for people suffering from mood disorders and other mental health conditions to identify their symptoms and seek comprehensive treatment.

What is a Mood Disorder?

With so many terms floating around, you might be wondering "what is a mood disorder anyways?"

Mood disorder symptoms vary from person to person. Everyone experiences these conditions differently.

In general, a mood disorder impacts your ability to function on an emotional... Continue reading →

Deadly Games: The Growing Trend of Teen Suicide

September 12, 2017 Posted in: Announcement

Deadly Games: The Growing Trend of Teen Suicide

According to a recent study by the CDC, the suicide rate doubled for teen girls and increased by 30% for teen boys between 2007 and 2015. These startling figures paint a grim picture of the state of mental health for American teens.

Well-meaning adults sometimes minimize the seriousness of depression and anxiety in young people by referring to these conditions as “just teen angst.” However, the statistics make it clear: young people in... Continue reading →

Geriatric Depression: Common Signs and Treatment Options

June 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Chronic depression is a legitimate mental illness and requires diagnosis and treatment to effectively manage it and reduce symptoms. This is the case for everyone who has it, including those suffering from elderly depression, which may be more common than you think. Mental Health America reveals that approximately 2 million people over the age of 65 deal with some type of depression. While that is not the majority, seniors are generally at a higher risk of developing the disease.

According to the... Continue reading →