Mission & Vision

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To improve the well-being of the people we serve by providing expert quality care, a comprehensive array of services, convenient and timely access, delivered with exceptional service and compassion.

Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital wants to make a direct impact on the lives of the people that we serve. Through the programs that we provide, we are able to serve the needs of our community. Our priority is providing service lines that are above quality standards with convenient and timely access to care. Aside from the quality standards that we expect from our team, our mission is to meet each patient where there are and provide them with service and compassion to provide hope and help them move forward in their healing process.


Your future is our vision.Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital will be the healthcare provider of choice for physicians and patients- delivering the healthcare, we expect for our family and ourselves.

At Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, we believe that everyone should be treated like family, and with that, our vision is a facility where we would be proud to serve our own loved ones and family members. Each individual that we serve, our goal is to help provide them hope and quality care to begin moving forward in their treatment.


Where Healing Begins and Caring Never Ends

Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital believes in a therapeutic environment that promotes healing and helps people begin the recovery process from associated traumas and challenges. With a caring and nurturing atmosphere, there is hope that things can change and get better. With active engagement in treatment and a caring environment, we can help patients begin healing.

Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital believes that despite the unique backgrounds and associated challenges that many of our patients come from, they are able to, in some way, and on some level, begin to heal. While patients may not be “cured” from all mental health and chemical dependency challenges, we believe the healing process can be started at Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. We recognize that many of the issues that our patients face will often require a lifetime of effort to continually address. However, we believe that each patient can reach a point where they can move forward from past experiences and gain the ability to address the issues they face in a healthy way.